Scandinavian Studies


Scandinavian Studies (SK)

Head of the Program: Dr. Masát András



The doctoral programme in Scandinavian Literature focuses on the analysis of Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian literature of the 19th, 20th and 21st century, and within these, on the analysis of author groups and the work of some major authors, or a significant part of their work, as well as on the study of thematic trends, genre, and genre theory, narrative solutions, regional cultural codes and the interrelations between literature and culture.

You can apply for the following major themes:

  • national cultural traditions and their forms in Scandinavian literature (motifs, regional linguistic features, etc.)
  • the reception of certain periods of Scandinavian literature in Hungary
  • comparative literary studies within the various genres (especially with regard to the last two decades of the Hungarian and Norwegian poetry), and comparative analyses of certain motifs and periods
  • The poetical analysis of Kierkegaard’s writing strategy in the literary and theoretic context of the Danish „golden age” and in 19-20th century playwrighting.

Language requirements:

Candidates are expected to have a high level of proficiency in one Scandinavian language appropriate to the literature they wish to research, plus English and/or German language competency.

Doctoral advisors: